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Kurichiyil Charitable Trust

Caring for the Uncared

Kurichiyil Charitable Trust
Blood Donation Public Awareness Campaign

A Blood Donation Public Awareness Campaign was organised by Kurichiyil charitable society in 2012. Every year our country require 5 crore units of blood, from which only 2.5 crore unit of blood is available. Even the worse condition is that there are nearly 8 main blood types. This indicates that the right type of blood must be available at right time and this is hardly possible in developing countries like India. So, to save a life of people, we must encourage people to donate maximum amount of blood to improve the situation.Blood Donation Public Awareness Campaign helps to aware people about the importance of blood donation
Kurichiyil Charitable Trust
Home for the needy

A house was constructed and given to a family
Kurichiyil Charitable Trust
Free Medical Camp

A free health check-up camp was organised by Kurichiyil charitable society in 2014. A team of doctors examined 500 patients and distributed free medicines among them in the camp. Various investigations were carried out as per the requirement of patients during this time
Aim of holding the health camp is to provide medical and diagnostic facilities to poor and helpless people, so that people are not deprived of treatment due to lack of money.
Kurichiyil Charitable Trust
Study rooms

Study rooms provided for children who dont have a good facility, atmosphere to study and are coming from the most desperate of situations, often with alcoholic fathers and a distressed home environment..
Kurichiyil Charitable Trust
Bags Distribution

Free Bags, Books and Stationary Distributed for the Underprivilaged Children's.

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