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Caring for the Uncared

Founded by Shri. Avira James Kurichiyil, St George Charitable Society was registered in 1984 and later renamed to Kurichiyil Charitable Trust. Kurichiyil Charitable Trust is a Registered Social Organization trust working for child education development across India. Since its inception it has been working towards creating a generation of children who are not bound by the circumstances they are born into. The objectives for which Trust Fund is established are educational, social, cultural, economical and medical relief to the poor and downtrodden and advancement of any other charitable and developmental objects of general public utility and community welfare . We provides children with education, food, shelter, love, care, and guidance in an effort to help them enjoy a happy life.

Avira James Kurichiyil, he very much bothered about orphan children and their circumstances they are boarn into. Many children's lives have been touched him deeply. This leads him to start Kurichiyil Charitable Trust. Through this organization he strives to provide love, food, shelter, and education to the orphaned and abandoned children.The aim of the Kurichiyil trust is to help children become responsible citizens of their community, hold fulfilling jobs, and care for others in suffering. We also provide scholarships for children. It is our policy to provide each child at the Kurichiyil trust with quality education and a chance to excel, because we believe it can break the cycle of poverty in these children lives. . Our fundamental belief is to offer each child the best opportunity to continue their lives into a profession and career they aspire to

Our mission is to achieve highest standards in providing a refuge to the orphaned, abandoned and unprivileged people. We act as a transition for the children to lead a life with complete social dignity and become capable of contributing to the society Our vision is to empower underprivileged sections of society through supportive services delivered in a sustainable manner

Our Founder

Shri. Avira James Kurichiyil

Ex.President of Vazhathope Grama Panchayath

Ex.KPCC Member of Indian National Congress

Ex.DCC secretary of Indian National Congress

Ex.DCC secretary of Indian National Congress

Ex.District president of Kerala Congress (M)

Ex.District secretary of Kerala Congress (M)

Founder of Idukki oil mill owners Association

Founder of St.George Charitable Society

Founder chairman of SBOA, Idukki

Ex.president of Chettanikada Apcos LTD

Founder of Malanad eco development society

PWD "A" class Contractor

Founder of St.George Coir manufacturing Unit

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